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COLOR: Feudal Shadoboxxer in SDL
Name: Shadoboxxer
Weight: 189lbs (Solid)
Height: 5'9"
Weapons: Hand to Hand / Staff and Nunchucks
Shadoboxxer or as his friends call him, Shado, was born during the struggle of the Natives of the island that the Spanish claimed as Puerto Rico. After Years of Their rule some of the Slave races and the Spanish started to mix with the surviving Natives of the land. Thus Shado was born from that melting pot. His family had links to Trade ships and managed to get Shado on board. The Ship had set sail for a country known as Japan which many Traders from Europe had interest in their goods. The ship that 3 year old Shado was on was attacked by Pirates just off the coast of the these lands and as a final Goodbye Shado was placed in a crate in hopes of his survival. As luck would have it there was a small Tsunami that pushed the crate to the Island and Somehow Shado managed to Survive. It was then that he was saved by a fisherman who lost his own son in the same kind of storm 3 years ago and was brought a new one that same day.
That was when a new journey started for him, he trained not only as a fisherman, but was taught many fighting styles living on the docks. Styles from different countries and many languages as well. When a clan of Ninja decided to take over this docks by slaughtering almost everybody Shado was one of the few left standing. His name held it's meaning that day because the Silent Death of the Ninja was crushed by a looming Shado that very evening. It was after those events that he took up learning the arts of the Ninja, in order to use his skills to help rid the land of murders and criminals intent on harming others.
With the help of his pets Fizz, a Loyal and trained Guard Dog, his cat Phantom the silent messenger, and his Guts, Honor, and his ability to see the Gray areas and not everything as black and white. He set out into the world on a new Battle.

SDL is by RoninsUltramix

- Contact info - Art and Original Character Copyright 2000 and owned by Victor James Toro -