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COLOR: Kim 2.0

Name: Kim Stone
Job: Hacker
HT: 5'11"
WT: 165 lbs
AGE: older then Shado ;)
This is Kimberly Stone. She's a full time hacker and loves going to the gym. She's not much of a fighter as compaired to Shado, but she knows a few good moves and loves to fight using her twin baseball bats "Love & Justice" she is always ready to hack into anything with her armtop computer and has a number of gadgets on her at anytime. She is older then Shado by a few years and she loves to flirt with him or just try and mess with his head.
They are both tight as friends and work together well on missions.
Once my original comic is up and running she's going to almost be a co-star in the comic along side of Shado.

- Contact info - Art and Original Character Copyright 2000 and owned by Victor James Toro -