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Shado and his small team of animals, Fizz: The Ninja Chinese Shar-Pei, and Phantom: The Cat Sprit, some how end up in the Giant Forest of Felarya. This isn't the first time it's happened to him... Last time he ended up In Dark Ash Falls, where he had to make it back to Earth after making his way through an army of the undead and befrending a very powerful Elvin/Vampire. This time he's in a world where everything around him is just as dangerous as his relm and the world of Ashes. However he is no sloutch in the "Keeping myself alive" club. He is after all Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot. After making it a week in this Jungle with the help of his Small friends, he learns a lot about the world and the Nagas.... Their and the Humans' War. After hearing about Two Naga's, Crisis and Anna, He decides to be friend them. It can't hurt to have two powerful and dangerious allies, much like the ones in the other worlds he's encountered. in less then a few Hours Shado finds the stomping grounds of the Giants.. Crisis is Quick to sense something moving in her area and Shado at the same time can tell something is moving closer to him. Crisis senses Shado's massive Will and Aura and moves closer to it, thinking that he is much larger. Just as Crisis tries to sneak around him he Appears infront of her to her shock... "usually they run at this point" she thinks to herself. As she tries to reach down to pick him up, he Vanishes again, but reappears in her hand. She had yet to see a Human move this fast ever. She knows that at anytime he'd be gone and she would not be able to catch up with him. With her other hand she reaches to touch him and he reaches out to her... at that moment when their hands touch and thair eyes lock... she comes to realize "They are People."
Crisis by Karbo

- Contact info - Art and Original Character Copyright 2000 and owned by Victor James Toro -