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COLOR: Boomer
This is Boomer. She'll also be apperaing in my Original comic along side Shado and Kim.
She'll be introduced pretty late in the storyline though.
Boomer is about 5 ft tall, but she is also Gifted with Telekinetic Ablities.
She uses some hand to hand combat skills since she served about 5 years in the military and she
is about that much older then Shado as well. She has a lot of bad habbit including Smoking and Drinking,
but she dosen't over do it with the drinking. She's rough around the edges but overall a good natured person.
She's drawn to hang around Shado because he is one of the first people she encounters who she can't read his mind.Boomer is also a singer in a band along with Punk-Girl and Slayer, they all meet each other that same
night when Shado goes out to see their band "The Screaming Mimiz"

- Contact info - Art and Original Character Copyright 2000 and owned by Victor James Toro -