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Age: 27 H: 5'6" W: 145lbs DOB: 6.24
Character Stats
First created on April 2013
Full Name: Dr. Anita Muscara
Race: Mushroom Woman
Profession: Pharmisist
Pronoun: She/Her
Quote: "Inside each of these plants, there's something that can either create or destroy. It's up to me to unlock those ablities... for better or worse."

Anita is dedicated and often cheerful. Even when faced with a daunting task or various troubles that comes with her job, she pushes through to the end. She works so hard because for her the knowledge gained at the end it what thrills her the most, even if the outcome is negative.

Being a Mushroom Woman helps her communicate with the plants that she cultivates and harvests. Sometimes she sings to the various plants through out the hospital. Anita has a solid working relationship with Latisha due to her supplying tasty fresh plant matter, which complements Latisha's cooking skills.

Gardening, Studying, Singing and Sunshine
Mold, Synthetic Foods, and Impatientness

Points of Interest:
+ Anita's pharmacy/green house can sustain plant life from around the globe. It uses a magical source of light that can emulate the sun and the moon.

+ Her cap can be removed, but she needs some time to grow a new one.


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- Art and Original Character Copyright 2000 and owned by Victor James Toro -