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Name: Asma
Race: Human
Age: 28   Height: 5'5"   Weight: 136lbs.
Team: Earth Channel 5

Quote: "Information is a powerful thing that should be shared with anyone who wants to know."
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Asma is the lead evening anchor for "Earth Chanel 5". She delivers the news every weeknight with a special zeal that has earned her and her station many awards for broadcasting and journalism. She also does her own investagative reporting bringing more to the table then just a pretty face that is good at reading a teleprompter. She also holds a Masters in Journalism, which she earned while doing early morning radio shows and attending classes afterwards. She has a high standard of justice and if she feels a story has something wrong with it she will not hold back her words. These actions are what gave her the reputation that she has.

Points of Interest:
Her favorite food is the Legendary Turkey Burger



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